Chagüitillo Community

Chagüitillo is an old indigenous community located in Sébaco, Matagalpa. Its cultural importance radiates in the existence of very important arquelogical sites; it counts with two indigenous sanctuaries where you can observe the mystics petroglyphs drawn in the walls of the creek.


The community has many activities you can do. First of all you should visit the “Museo Precolombino de Chagüitillo” which is a communitarian museum founded by a local Association called “Asociación para el desarrollo de Chagüitillo” which work in order to develop the community with French cooperation   funding. It has two exhibition rooms and one music room.


 The “petroglyphs room”, exhibit some petroglyphs found in the community and the “pre- Columbian pottery room” explains about the natives’ history of the zone and  the pottery that they used in their daily  life also found in Chagüitillo like pots, urns, tankard, stone tools (grinding stone, mortar, etc).

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday:   8:00 am- 12:00 pm.  and 1:00 pm. -5: 00 pm.

 If you want to learn more about Ulúa Matagalpas indigenous people, discover by yourself how they tell their story, carving in the stones. Visit the two Sanctuaries Apa Mico and Los Venados which are natural places, where the natives where settled down and made ceremonial cults offering sacrifices to their gods.

Santuario Los Venados

Interpret the different drawings: ideograms (points, lines, shapes, etc.), pictograms (human and animal figures) and psychograms (abstract figures), in which stands: the lunar calendar, an impressive artwork of about 3 meters wide and 2 meters high.

Santuario Apa Mico

You can also visit some coffee farms that process the coffee from seed to grinded coffee. Or go to take a shower and spend a good day in “El Viejo” river. There are some cabins where you can stay and rest, take a time to be in the nature reading or just hearing the sound of the birds and the running water.

Involve with the community playing sports in the local field, you can play baseball and football, they are always open for you to join them!