Ecolodge Fuente de vida

This farm is located in the highest part of the Miraflor Reserve, 40 km from Estelí. We are at 1400 meters of altitude and surrounded by misty clouds. The chirping of the birds in the tropical forest the melodious chirping of the birds fills the tropical forest, adding to its exotic atmosphere. Welcome to the Garden of Eden home of birds, and orchids.

We can divide the Miraflor Reserve into three main areas according to their altitude: the lower, the middle and the higher area.

The lower area, land of the waterfalls and panoramic sceneries, occupies 28% of the reserve. The altitude ranges from 900 to 1100 meters and the temperature fluctuates from 20 to 24 °C.

The middle area occupies 25% of the reserve and goes to up 1300 to 1500 m, with 20 to 25 °C. It´s a dry tropical forest of oak and pine where you can find natural pools and caves.

The higher area is the largest one, occupying 47% of the space of the reserve (1350-1480m, 18 to 20 °C). It´s a cloudy tropical forest and the perfect place for bird watching and for tasting the delicious coffee of the plantations. In 1998, the UCA Miraflor (agricultural cooperative which unifies 18 families of the reserve) started the ecotourism project. The main objective was to improve the life of the families of the cooperative who offer accommodation, food and local guided tours specialized in birds and orchids.

We recommend this eco-lodge for all the nature lovers. This is a perfect place in order to rest in a clouded tropical forest farm.


The reserve itself is considered one of the richest areas in the world for its orchid concentration (with more than 200 identified species of orchids). There are also 236 species of birds. Amongst those you can observe are the quetzal, the emerald toucanet, the crimson collard tanagers, the oropendola and the the guardabarranco or “guardian of the stream”, the national bird of Nicaragua.
if you want to enjoy an even richer experience during your stay, we suggest you refer to a local guide.
Fuente de Vida proposes various types of tours:
-General tour of the reserve (U$ 25 for a small group from 1 to 3 persons and 5 $ for each additional person. 4h):

you will take a nice promenade to discover Miraflor and observe the orchids, the birds and the medicinal plants along the way. Have a swim in a natural well, admire the viewpoint of La Peñita and feel the atmosphere of this clouded tropical forest. It´s a nice way to discover the reserve in its globality.



There is also a specialized tour for those who want to focus on a specific subject: (U$30 for a group from 1 to 3 person and 10$ for each additional person). The duration this tour is 4 hours.

-Specialized Bird watching tour

With 236 species of birds, you´ll be served! Tanager, meadowlark, oriole, emerald toucanet, Inca dove, hummingbirds, orange fronted parakeet, tropical Kingbird…with 4 hours you´ll probably be able to see at least 15 if you want to enjoy an even richer experience during your stay, we suggest you refer to a local guide: a rich experience accompanied by a great guide who partcipates in the elaboration of the national guidebook of Nicaraguan birds.

-Specialized orchid tour

The Miraflor Reserve is one of the major orchid zones in the planet. With 200 different species and 4 hours hiking through the reserve, all the curious visitors or the amateurs of this fascinating flower won’t won’t be disappointed!


-Coffee tasting tour

Due to the tropical climate, the miraflor reserve is also a producer of organic coffee. You will learn how to properly taste and recognize the different varieties and flavors of this delicious coffee.


– Night tour
If you want to experience the nighttime atmosphere of a tropical forest, this tour « this tour will allow you to walk among and observe amphibians. You´ll observe (a great variety of different multicolored frogs and other batrachians) and snakes. Don´t forget your camera!
If you want to walk on the reserve on your own, there are a lot of nice, interesting spots such as viewpoints (La Meseta, Las Nuves, La Peñita, Las Apantes, Yali, and El Silencio), wells or waterfalls (La Chorrera, Tres Cascadas, Rio Estelí, El Cobao, La Pila, Azul Well, Laguna de Miraflor, Barranco Blanco, El Jilguero).
All these places can be discovered on foot or on horseback as well.