La Virgen

Finca La Virgen is an organic coffee farm located 73 km from Estelí in the northwest of Nicaragua, in the Tepesomoto Natural Reserve and close to the Somoto Canyon and the Honduran border.
It is a coffee farm owned and managed by the Varela family. The quality of their coffee has been noteworthy by Shawn Hamilton, president of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), which classified it as tasty and at the same quality rank as Guatemalan coffee.


A large patio is used for the coffee drying process. A lot of paths link the farm with its different culture : strawberry, coffee… but also petroglyphs, hidden in the forest, and a mysterious oven. Was it made by the indigenous people or during colonial times? Go take a look and decide for yourself.
In the farm there is an old but well restored building made of local wood, with charming pastel colors and a structure that fits perfectly in its environment.
The place became touristic because of its original architecture and its peaceful atmosphere. The family received help from DETOUR for the creation of the lodge and to buy mattresses to improve the comfort of their guestrooms. All rooms are equipped with mosquito nets.
This farm, hidden in the mist of the forest, and its mysteries are waiting for you!




Obviously the specialty of this farm is its coffee of great quality. You can also enjoy the fresh temperature of the mountains by walking in the forest to do some bird watching or just to observe the fascinating environment.

The community proposes various types of tours, such as:

– Coffee tasting tour with certified coffee specialists: you’ll learn how to taste and make the difference between various kinds of coffee flavors. Become a real coffee amateur! (4 hours)


– Coffee-making process tour: you will be lead to the coffee plantation, where you will learn how to pick, dry and roast the beans. In the end you will taste a cup of your own coffee and take a small bag with you as a souvenir (4 hours).

– Petroglyphs and ancient ruins tour: you will walk in the paths of the forest, passing through strawberries and coffee plantations. Then you will visit the mysterious oven before arriving to the petroglyphs site, a mysterious big rock carved by the local indigenous people (3 hours).