You are in the North of Esteli, amidst the green mountains of the Isabelia cordillera. The landscape reminds you of the Western movies from your childhood, and all of a sudden a real-life cowboy riding on his horse passes in front of you. Welcome to San Juan de Limay, a peaceful village lost in this valley. You’ll stay with local families and enjoy the natural attractions of this place, reborn after Hurricane Mitch in 1998. Waterfalls, canyons and horse rides are waiting for you. Are you ready for some sport and adventure?


Once in Limay, your host will take you home to introduce you to the family members. Then you’ll take a quick promenade alongside the river and see the petroglyps that the hurricane revealed in 1998. After a pleasant swim in this fresh river, head back to the village; take a walk and observe the traditional architecture of the houses made of wood and dirt. Then go back home and have dinner with the family.

Note:  Night: inhabitants house,   Walking:  3h00


After an early breakfast, take a local bus to the Colocondo bus stop with a local guide. There, a local will lead you to a small hamlet where you can rest for a while and drink a cup of coffee at the local diner, where your picnic has already been prepared. Continue your hike, admiring the view over the mounts. The path is a succession of forest mountains and dry tropical forest. For the last part of your hike, you will walk on the rocks alongside the river. Don’t forget your hiking shoes and your swimsuit to enjoy the natural pool of the waterfall. Have your well-deserved lunch and relax in the fresh water before heading back to San Juan de Limay, where you will visit the marble sculpture workshop where all the famous “fat ladies” of the area are made.
Have dinner with the family.

Note: Night in inhabitants house, Walking:6h


SJL-finca-estanqueDuring your last morning in the community, you are free to relax or visit Antonio’s beautiful farm and help him to plant trees, fish in his private pond or collect citrus fruit. Have lunch with the family and get on the 3:00 PM bus back to Esteli.

Prices per person US$

1 2 up to 8
$ 250 $ 165

Reserve at least four days before if you want a bilingual guide:

– guide (French speaker) U$ +60/day optional  (U$40 half day)
– guide (English speaker) U$ +50/day optional (U$35 half day)

We offer you an 18% discount if you give a 2 hours english lesson to the peaple of the family !